Services for Authors

Sometimes, an author may want to publish a book with Cape House Books, but the match isn’t quite right. The style or content of the book may not be a good fit for any of Cape House’s imprints. Or perhaps the book is a legacy memoir, intended solely for family and friends; or maybe the author wishes to self-publish but wants help with certain aspects of the process.

In cases such as these, publishing with Cape House Books is not the best choice. But using Cape House Services for Authors might be.

Cape House Services for Authors gives authors access to all the skills and experience of the Cape House team, without actually being published by Cape House. From editing a manuscript right up through submitting finished files to the printer—and beyond, to marketing and publicity—Cape House has done it before, and can do it for you.

Available services

Services available from Cape House Services for Authors include:

  • Developmental editing
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Manuscript formatting for submission to agents and publishers
  • Book design
  • Cover design
  • Setting up a title with a printer
  • Submitting files to a printer
  • Book publicity and marketing

Fees for services

Cape House bills for services based on the actual time spent performing the service. This contrasts with the flat fees charged for publishing (see Collaborative publishing). For specific rate information, contact Cape House.

Getting started

To take your manuscript or book’s next step with Cape House Services for Authors, or for more information, contact Cape House.